WELCOME TO Kagi maldives Spa Island

The Essence of Pure Life

Explore our signature tropical island journeys and fall in love with the simplicity of life.

When staying in Kagi Maldives Spa Island, you are bound to discover the harmony between living healthy and joyfully. Our journeys will take you on a venture filled with authentic Maldivian luxury and moments beyond all your expectations.

Whether traveling solo or together with your loved ones, in Kagi Maldives you take the plunge in simplified elegance and unveil the essence of Pure Life.

~Evoke your senses with the simplicity of our island's natural beauty​~

Explore a cultivation of an authentic Maldivian Island Spirit. In Kagi you can experience a spontaneous admiration for the perfectly simple delights in life. Discover a heart for loving nature, wishing things to exist in its natural way and appreciate moments within the flow of time with all senses.

~ Find your perfect Balance during your stay ~

Your resort journey will make you find the simplicity of life - being Healthy and Joyfully and unwind your body and mind to its natural balance.


Elegant Living Space

The 50- villa, boutique island resort, offers elegance in living over the water

or by the beachside with the ultimate seclusion and comfort.

Beach Pool Villa

Beach Pool Villa

Pure sophistication and true elegance meets your perfect space for an intimate beach getaway. Indulge in the privacy of your own private beach space while enjoying the inside of your own private pool. The perfect match for a beach filled experience.

Ocean Pool Villa

Ocean Pool Villa

An understated elegance and secluded space brings to life a bucket list experience. Access the spectacular house reef directly from your stairs or submerge into the comfort of your own private pool with panoramic views all around.

Lagoon Pool Villa

Lagoon Pool Villa

Take a dip in the ocean straight from your over water terrace or float above the ocean in your private pool and be hypnotized with the gentle lapping of the waves beneath your villa. The sense of calmness and tranquility is what you are bound to experience in these villas…
We can’t stop the turbulences of life, but we can ride the waves on the ocean of life with more ease, peace and joy”.
Renate Hermes, Group Spa & Wellness Director


Be Inspired

Whether you desire a total body overhaul or simply a chance to switch off and indulge, here you can experience the Maldives’ ultimate holistic wellness destination. From the cutting-edge spa and fitness offering, which will target physical, mental and spiritual well-being , to the whole-food creations, wellness flows through every element of the resort. An escape from the outside world where you can find the ultimate peace and feel happier returning to the expectations of life.



Nourish your soul with innovative culinary creations

Experience joyful moments with meals intentionally designed to be delicious, fresh, boldly flavored, simple and above all, satisfying!



You & Me


A whole new world

Pure Life Experiences

Feeling energetic or prefer to relax, discover our Pure Life Experiences specially crafted for the well-being of your mind, body and soul. It is in Kagi where you can embrace each moment through the pure beauty which appears after shedding ostentation, gimmicks and opening oneself to feel and remember. Experience from a diverse range in different activities or excursions well known in the Maldives and enjoy the natural delights of paradise.


Connect together while feasting at the same time


Mindful & Joyful journeys to the best version of you


Thrilling water activities


Quality time anywhere your heart desire


Cruise in style around Maldives and let us spoil you

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